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ContactMatt Polk / Tom D'Ambrosio /

Lauren Duffy / Kathryn Weakland


Starring Reed Birney and Lisa Emery

By Pulitzer Prize-winner Donald Margulies

Directed by Drama League Award-winner Kate Whoriskey

Previews Begin     October 9, 2024

Opening Night      October 30, 2024

Off-Broadway at the Tony Kiser Theater (205 W 43rd St.)


Maybe forgetting yourself once in a while is a good thing.


From Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Donald Margulies (Dinner with Friends, Collected Stories) comes a stirring new play about the fragility of memory and the passage of time.


Late on a summer night, in a field on their Kentucky farm, a long-married couple, George (Birney) and Em (Emery), have come to watch a lunar eclipse. As the seven stages of the celestial phenomenon unfold, the two sip bourbon and reflect on land and legacy, and children and dogs.  But as more and more is revealed, they realize they are as much a mystery to each other as the heavens above.  LUNAR ECLIPSE is the funny, moving, universal story of a couple reckoning with the time they’ve spent on earth and the time they have left.

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