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Contact: Matt Polk / Wayne Wolfe / Lilly Claar


Bedlam is a company committed to the immediacy of the relationship between the actor and the audience. With large ideas and modest budgets, Bedlam creates theatre in a flexible, raw space, presenting new writing, contemporary reappraisals of the classics and small-scale musical theatre. Their productions always include the audience. Storytelling is paramount. Bedlam believes that innovative use of space can collapse aesthetic distance and bring the audience into direct contact with the dangers and delicacies of life--inciting laughter and chaos, provoking thought and recreating the thrill of live experience.

BEDLAM was founded on a shoestring budget with four artists who gave everything they had to their inaugural production of Saint Joan. BEDLAM has come a long way in their ten years together, but what has remained consistent in all their work – be it Shakespeare, Shaw, or Austen; in a theatre, a classroom, or online – is the belief that the classics are for everyone, and that exploring these traditional forms yields unique insights into our humanity and inspires empathy in us all. BEDLAM looks forward to celebrating this belief in practice over the course of its eleventh season.

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