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Lauren Duffy / Kathryn Weakland

Photos & B-Roll


By Alexis Scheer

Directed by Jo Bonney

BREAKING THE STORY played its' final performance on June 23, 2024 at Tony Kiser Theater (205 W 43rd St.)


Alexis Scheer returns to Second Stage where her play, Our Dear Dead Drug Lord, premiered in 2019 in a co-production with WP Theater. Jo Bonney returns to Second Stage where she has directed four acclaimed productions: Lynn Nottage’s By the Way, Meet Vera Stark; Eric Bogosian’s subUrbia; Charles Fuller’s A Soldier’s Play; and Lisa Loomer’s Living Out.


As a foreign war correspondent, Marina has put her life on the line to illuminate the darkest corners of humanity. Having just returned from a particularly bloody conflict, she flirts with staying home for good—alongside her cameraman turned lover. With her closest friends and family gathered on the eve of her lifetime achievement award ceremony, she decides to cap this glorious moment with an elopement. But as Marina tries to take hold of her life, she’s forced to reckon with the hold war has on her.


BREAKING THE STORY is a darkly funny and fiery drama about the cost of war and the audacity of those frontliners armed with only a press badge.

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