Starring Mark Ruffalo, Tony Shaloub, Jessica Hecht, and Danny DeVito

Directed by Terry Kinney

Decades ago, Victor Franz gave up his education for a stable but unfulfilling career in law enforcement. Now on the verge of retirement, he’s returned to his childhood home to sell off the last of his once-wealthy family’s valuables. His wife hopes the profits will give them a new start. But Victor insists that some sacrifices can never be unmade… until he encounters a 90-year-old furniture dealer whose vivacity makes him rethink what is still possible. When his estranged brother arrives on the scene with a surprising set of regrets and accusations, Victor must decide whether he can finally make peace with the past—while there’s time left to have a future.


With their sweeping political insights and fearless societal critiques, Arthur Miller’s classic dramas continue to dominate the landscape of modern theatre. This season, Roundabout Theatre Company presents the more intimate side of the playwright with a new production of The Price, directed by Steppenwolf co-founder Terry Kinney (reasons to be pretty). Richly drawn with masterful nuance and unexpected humor, The Price explores the thousand accidental bargains that add up to a human life. Don’t miss this powerful and provocative play about the true cost of living.

Mark Ruffalo will star as “Victor Franz,” Tony Shalhoub will star as “Walter Franz,” Jessica Hecht will star as “Esther Franz,” and Danny DeVito will star as “Gregory Soloman.

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