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The New Generation

Composed by Bill Whelan

Produced by Moya Doherty

Directed by Bill Whelan


Riverdance will launch a brand new North American tour in 2025. The new tour, Riverdance 30 – The New Generation will visit over 40 cities to be announced soon.


Riverdance 30 – The New Generation rejuvenates the much-loved original show with new innovative choreography and costumes and state of the art lighting, projection and motion graphics. And for the first time, Riverdance will welcome “The New Generation” of performers, all of whom were not born when the show began 30 years ago. Audiences will enjoy a unique and memorable performance which blends the traditional and the contemporary, showcasing the skill and passion of the world-class of dancers, musicians and singers in the Riverdance ensemble.

Contact: Matt Polk / Colgan McNeil /

Kelly Stotmeister / Alex Seeley

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