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Alex Seeley / Nicolette Carcaldi


Starring Colton Ryan and Anna Uzele

Music and Lyrics by John Kander & Fred Ebb

Written by David Thompson

Co-Written by Sharon Washington

Additional Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Direction and Choreography by Susan Stroman


Opening Night                April 26, 2023

Closed                            July 30, 2023

On Broadway at the St. James Theatre (246 W 44th Street)

A brand-new musical bringing Broadway legends back together, NEW YORK, NEW YORK is a glittering love letter to the greatest city in the world. Featuring an exhilarating new score by the incomparable John Kander and Fred Ebb, an original story by David Thompson with Sharon Washington, additional lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and visionary direction and choreography by Susan Stroman, NEW YORK, NEW YORK will whisk you right through the very heart of the city that never sleeps. 
It is 1946, the war is over, and a resurgent New York is beginning to rebuild. As steel beams swing overhead, a collection of artists has dreams as big and diverse as the city itself.


Among them is Francine Evans (Anna Uzele), a young singer just off the bus from Philly, who is destined for greatness. At least, until she encounters New York native Jimmy Doyle (Colton Ryan), a brilliant but disillusioned musician looking for his "major chord" in life: music, money, love. The odds of both achieving all three are slim. But if they can make it there, they can make it anywhere.

EW YORK, NEW YORK is a spectacular show for a singular city. With a unique blend of dazzling new songs and big band classics (“New York, New York,” “The World Goes Round”), this jubilant new musical is destined to become the talk of the town.
Be a part of it. 

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